Client rate scale – Australia

Base rate • $150 per hour

Figues are based on per annum income

What you pay per hour is dependant on your income level. We leave it to you to self assess your income level, and therefore the fee you will pay. See below for a rate scale.

When calculating rates for an individual, the total gross combined income of the couple is counted, if in a relationship.

Standard fee (incomes less than $40,000) • $150 per hour

$40,000-70,000 • $170 per hour

$70,000-100,000 • $200 per hour

$100,000-120,000 • $240 per hour

$120,000-150,000 • $280 per hour

$150,000-200,000 • $330 per hour

above $200,000 • $400 per hour

We realise that some people are in difficult financial hardship, especially when responsible for young children and with limited support; these circumstances will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Career Decision Coaching sessions are a fixed fee of $750


Payment options are:


To pay immediately from Paypal click here

Paypal payments can be made directly to the following email address:


Please note - any Paypal fees must be paid by the client, so the full amount due gets transferred.

Payment must be made immediately after the session.


If face to face session, aid at the end of the session.

Credit Card

Paid at the time of the session .

Payment by credit card will incure an additional 3.5% on top of the therapy fee, as this is the amount charged by the credit card company.

Direct deposit or wire to bank account





Account number: 


Account name: 


Your name and details MUST be included in the deposit note.

Payment must be made immediately after the session.


Made out to Steve Gunther

To pay immediately from an Australian or NZ bank account click here to use POli as a payment bridge.

Why a scale?

I want to be fair to both you, and me. So I charge you related to your income. I want the work to be affordbale for you, and at the same time, ensure my minimums are met.

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